I used to spend my life in my mummy uniform of jeans and t shirts until I met Kathryn and her lovely range of clothes. Now, thanks to Kathryn’s expert guidance and ability to put together lovely outfits with such ease, I have a fabulous wardrobe of mix and match clothes which look great and make me feel great too. So why traipse around town getting frustrated and disillusioned with the lack of choice when you can visit Kathryn for personal service and advice in her stunning chalet?

Nienke Bouic

I’ve never been a natural when it comes to coordinating my clothes or choosing items which I can mix and match to create different ‘looks’. That was until I started going to Kathryn whose friendly, honest and helpful advice set me on the right track. Now, each season I have a capsule wardrobe for work, leisure and those occasional evenings out, at an extremely reasonable price. I’d definitely recommend any woman to give it a try!

Vee Smith-Gauvin

With Kathryn, I know that I will always get honest advice about which pieces will flatter me and help to create a workable wardrobe. The days of buying clothes on the spur of the moment that either don’t suit me or don’t fit my lifestyle are gone!

Mel Bradbury

I really look forward to trying each seasons new collection-the relaxed style is just that bit different from what is on offer on the high street. The tops make for easy layering and I’m often complimented on how great it all looks put together. I love it!

Rachel Keates

I used to have a wardrobe full of lovely individual items but nothing matched or worked together. Since going to Kathryn I really enjoy pulling outfits together and experimenting with different looks and ideas. Kathryn’s passion for style is infectious and has encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone. Thank you – I can be a busy working mum and look stylish and edgy at the same time!

Jane Mills

I have bought Friendtex clothes since Kathryn introduced the range a few years ago. I’m always interested in what styles come out each season, there’s always something that appeals to both me and to my daughters (17 and 18) that you’re not going to find anywhere else. I have found that the clothing is of good quality and washes well. There are styles that are going to suit younger as well as older women of different sizes and I have found the colours, range of fabrics and accessories attractive. I have visited the chalet at Kathryn’s as well as hosting a few clothes parties at home. I would certainly recommend that you try things on and find something quite different.

Christiane Dixon