I have always had a passion for fashion. My friends at University called me ‘Vogue’
… so I guess it was inevitable I’d end up working with clothes in some shape or form.

Beautiful Things by Kathryn, was born from a chance night out at a friend’s home shopping party selling Danish clothes. The lady who was running the party was looking for more stylists and I realised that this was something I wanted to do.

As a former journalist I have always been interested in people …

(some people would call it nosey) but I love getting to know and helping others. Opening a home-shop has given me the opportunity
to combine my love of fashion and my own shopping prowess (!) with the chance to build a rapport and advise customers on how to look and feel great.

I was the first person to introduce the Danish women’s clothing ranges Friendtex and Once and the boutique American accessory company Stella & Dot in the Channel Islands.

I’m currently building a team of stylists who want to run their own businesses
sharing the love and happiness home shopping offers. If this sounds like something
you’d be interested in then I’d love to hear from you.

We all know the instant high we feel after a shot of retail therapy but I’d like to think the role I play is more than just a quick hit. By really getting to know my customers I know what outfits will suit different body shapes and colourings and can guide and suggest new ideas in a supportive and relaxed way.

It is such a joy seeing the change in women when they step into an outfit that makes them feel like a million dollars. In that light-bulb moment you can see their self-confidence and self-belief soar and many of my customers say they receive compliments from friends, family (and even complete strangers!) and more importantly they begin to enjoy putting together outfits and feel proud of how they look.

The brands I sell are more than just clothes and accessories. We all want to look good but feeling good on the inside is just as important.
Whether you are wearing the brands or selling the products you are part of an amazing community that brings joy and positivity.

Style is just the beginning … x o x o x